I’m an amateur poet and artist. I write what I feel and when that fails me, I paint it. Or play it on my Violin or Piano. Am I talented? No, I wouldn’t say so. It’s all just a bunch of hobbies. Things I (usually) enjoy doing in my spare time. I have a lot of spare time. I’m disabled due to a (hopefully recovering) shoulder injury that has rendered my right arm useless.

I am an EMT and I’m a firefighter on my local volunteer department.

I’m a motorcycle driver, not rider. I love to kayak in the summer. I love to read books. Oh yeah, and I’m a lesbian, not quite all the way out of my closet. I’m finding many obstacles (negative people, homophobes) and am struggling with society in general. I am highly opinionated and avoid politics as much as I can. I’m a survivor, I probably shouldn’t be here today. I was born nine weeks premature, the docs said I wouldn’t make it. I’ve been fighting ever since. I’m a survivor of sexual assault. Now you’re thinking about what you have survived… Pat yourself on the back because you’ve survived. Don’t question miracles or you’ll forget to live and keep on surviving!

I’m the youngest of eight children: five girls, three boys. I have three nieces and seven nephews. I come from a very large family.

I’m an animal lover. I have a massive German Shepard (ex-police K9) and I have a cat, Babe, who is like my child. She comes like a dog when you call her name and she’s more loyal than any dog I’ve ever had. She’s my shadow. I sleep, she’s sleeping next to me sharing my pillow (she drools, yuck). I walk across a room, she’s the shadow at my side. I sit here on my laptop and she’s in my lap sound asleep.

UPDATE: You can see the productive part of my life at:

Nice to meet you. I love your straight forward manner and honesty. Keep writing, it helps…honest!

Thank you, Swirl.
Writing is what I do!

I’m glad you’ve chosen to share your blog and write so honestly. I was a victim of sexual assault, too. It’s been years now, and I still I can’t really write about it overtly. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

I’ve always enjoyed your blog and all it’s raw emotions. I nominated you for an award :]

clarticat says:

Hi there, thanks for subscribing to 🙂 I’ve recently changed my URL to and hope you would continue following my updates here 🙂 Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused (you may delete this comment if you want). Thanks! 🙂

Your posts are so emotional, so raw. I love it, keep on writing…I’ll keep on reading 🙂

Thank you for reading and for your encouragement! 🙂

Hi there, just want to say you are an amazing blogger and your blog is awesome. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Here’s the link:

Hi, I really like the space that you have made to be creative and forthright! It really makes me miss writing fiction. More recently though, I’ve become involved in research- which can be creative in its own rite! I’m a queer womyn, and I’m dedicated to making sure that our voices and experiences of people in our community are represented in research. I would be so appreciative if you could spread the word about a study I’m running on the way LBQ womyn (trans inclusive) think and act after specific social situations.
How can you help? Participate and post this anonymous survey!

You can complete a brief, anonymous 20-minute survey by going If you would prefer, I could also provide you with a hard copy of the survey and a self-addressed envelop. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating, or if you have any questions pertaining to this study, please contact me, S. Rischa Gottlieb at

Make sure your experiences are heard, be a part of LBQ research!

This study had been approved by the St. John’s University IRB. Thank you for your time.

Cheers & With Pride,


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