{March 23, 2012}   *~Stereotype Me~*

It’s a sad reality that our culture gave birth to such assumptions.


If you’re a Negro
You must be a criminal.
If you’re Caucasian
You must have money.
If you’re Middle-Eastern
You must be a terrorist.
If you’re Oriental
You must be a genius.
If you have good fashion
You must be gay.
If you have short hair
You must be a lesbian.
If you’re a Priest
You must be a pervert.
If you wear black clothes
You must be Emo.
If you were a Polo
You must be a prep.
If you’re a jock
You must be dumb.
If you’re blonde
You must be clueless.
If you’re homeless
You must be an alcoholic.
If you have money
You must be a snob.
If you’re a young mother
You must be promiscuous.
If you’re thin
You must be anorexic.
If you’re corpulent
You must be a pig.
If you’re nice
You must want something.
If you listen to Hip-Hop
You must be a punk.
If you listen to Rock
You must do drugs.
If you stand up for yourself
You must be disrespectful.
If you’re confident
You must be a narcissist.
If you’re shy
You must have something to hide.

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