{March 23, 2012}   Tragic News

I just got some heartbreaking, tragic news from my mother. My Uncle committed suicide this morning. One of my Aunts found out today that she has colon cancer & there’s nothing they can do. They give her about two weeks to live. I’m stunned, I don’t even know what to say. What can I say?

Oh I am so sorry to hear your tragic news 😦 That’s horrible. A few people close to me have passed from cancer and there’s just no understanding it. It’s a horrible disease that chooses indiscriminately.As for your uncle, he must have been suffering his own torment. It’s hard to understand when someone chooses suicide over life, but he obviously just couldn’t live with the pain anymore. My thoughts are with you and your family x

Thank you, Wonderful. X

There is nothing to say….allow yourself to feel. all the best as you travel through this experience

My condolences.. this must be a really tough time for your family :/ hopefully you can all band together to help each other through this.

I am so sorry. Warm thoughts to you and your family.

Thank you, Beautiful.

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