{March 30, 2012}   I Complain An Awful Lot, But I Like to Think My Complaints Are Legitimate

I finally got the text message I’ve been waiting for all day: my friend is out of surgery & they think it was a success. She’s doing okay. It’s funny how stress and anxiety can make you so tired! So that’s a relief.

My day seems to keep getting longer and more exhausting by the minute. My mother called around two o’clock this afternoon- she was having difficulty with email and her homeowners insurance. I had to go down there and spend a little over two hours talking to a million different people about her policy. I finally got that straightened out. I got home around five forty-five and not ten minutes later my brother called me to meet him at his shop. So I went running up there where we chatted for a little while and he put an inspection sticker on my truck. Now I’m home and I feel like I haven’t stopped in two weeks and the pain in my body keeps increasing.

It doesn’t sound like complaining to me. You do have an awful lot on your plate.

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