{March 30, 2012}   *~Toxic Life~*

Stumbling down a cold, empty street, swaying with each step
I see the image of a young woman in the storefront windows.
I pause to admire her innocent-looking, youthful face.
I think to myself, she would be beautiful if she wore a smile-
If she removed the baseball cap and gave her hair some style.
I continue on my way, putting her out of my mind.
Before long I see the same young woman in another window-
She looks more weary than before, I wonder what her story is?
Shoulders hunched, she looks like she’s blocking a cold wind
A closer look at her face shows that she looks older than she is.

I slowly realize that this woman is following me everywhere I go.
I walk faster, trying to lose her, but I see her in every window.
Then reality hits like a ton of bricks- she is me, I am her.
I crumble under the weight of my burdens, fall to my knees.
My face buried in my hands I wonder how this happened?
I’ve changed into a different person, I don’t recognize my own reflection
I reached deep into my well of strength, stood up tall and straight.
I’ve been barreling through my life like a freight train in the night.
I dump the alcohol, I need to slow down, get my feet back on solid ground.
I need to start living my life, stop racing against precious time.

I know this feeling. It’s great you were able to put it into words.

I just read some of your poetry. I like your style 🙂

Thanks. It was nice to discovery your blog as well.

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