{April 12, 2012}   I’m Actually In a Decent Mood

That’s rather surprising, considering…

My Babe

I fell asleep around four this morning, only to be awakened at seven forty-five this morning by my cat, Babe, who was opening and slamming closed cupboard doors that are against the other side of my bedroom wall. As soon as she heard me get out of bed, she came running, wanting me to pet her and hold her and go back to bed with her. She usually only opens the cupboard doors when she wants attention when we’re in the same room as her, but ignoring her. This morning was a first. I hope it doesn’t get repeated. Now she’s curled up on my desk next to my laptop… sound asleep. I feel like poking her every five minutes to wake her up. Hahaha.

I am (hopefully) taking today off from doing anything. I’m hurting and I have a busy two days coming up. Tomorrow I’m taking my friend to a distant hospital for her follow-up appointment after her last surgery. I’ll spend about four hours in the car, if not more because it’s Friday and everyone will be headed North for the weekend as we try and make our way back home. And we’ll spend approximately an hour to an hour and a half in the surgeons office.

Now, on Saturday I’m helping another friend out with a charity event. I’ll be ‘working’ it from six in the morning til eight at night. That’s fourteen long hours of dealing with people and being “chatty”. I hope I’m able to do it. I’ll have to stock up on coffee, Ativan and Bayer Back & Body.

I really hope that the way my body is hurting today is not a preview of what it will be like tomorrow or Saturday. That would suck.

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