{April 19, 2012}   *~The Things I Do~*

The things I do
Out of desperation.
Cry, scream, hit.
Inflict pain on you,
Inflict pain on me.
Become irrational,
Act spoiled.
        The things I do
        Out of frustration.
        Lift you up, put you down.
        Tell you I hate you,
        When really I hate me.
        I hate everybody.
        I hate to love you.
        I love to hate you.
        I live to be with you.
        I thrive on your drama,
        Going in vicious cycles.
                The things I do
                For your love.
                Praise you, adore you.
                Bend over backward
                For only you.
                Enter your embrace
                Kiss your lips.
                Give you all of me.
                        The things I do
                        When push comes to shove.
                        Fight for my life.
                        Fight for your life.
                        Battle against you,
                        Battle for you,
                        Battle with you.
                                The things I do
                                All add up to you.
                                I want you to be happy,
                                Happy with me.
                                I want to be happy,
                                Happy with you.
                                Ups and downs-
                                Ins and outs,
                                I want to live my life
                                With you by my side.

I like the way this is shaped like steps, because the poem it starts out with angry, but it steps the reader gradually into a breakthrough at the end.

Thank you. I wanted to make the internal conflict obvious. Not to mention, everyone feels at least one of these emotions in their life time (love/hate), so I hope people can relate to it some.

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