{April 22, 2012}   *~Too Far Gone~*

She wears a
fake smile, don’t
believe her when
she says she’s
She’ll laugh at
your jokes, then
sit alone and
She’s too stubborn
to admit she’s
wrong, too hard
headed to confess
she’s sick of her
She married much
too young, didn’t
get to see
the world, didn’t
know there was
better waiting for
Now she’s lonely
in a marriage
she wished she
never vowed, too
scared of being
single, too proud
to let you see the
I tried my
best to help
her see life
through a clear
lens, wiped her
tears, held her
hand, no longer
can I hold her
pain, for you
can’t help someone
who refuses to

Hmm….very well written. I don’t know if its a real incidence that you are expressing in the above poem but you’ve presented it in an outstanding manner. Looking forward to more of your writing. Happy Blogging!

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