{May 21, 2012}   ! STRESS ! ANXIETY !

I’m super-stressed out right now. I’m really not sure why. My body is in a giant knot of pain and I want to block everybody out. I’m did get to spend some time with friends last night and today and that was nice. I also got to spend a lot of time in the sun today. But for some reason none of that matters because my stress and anxiety level are so high right now. My pager went off for Fire/Rescue and I about went though the roof because I’m so on edge. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could put my finger on what’s wrong, what’s causing me to feel this way. I guess because then I could fix it. Anxiety should come with an instruction booklet.

I may have to shut the world out for a few days, concentrate only on myself and my job with the Fire/Rescue Dept. That may be a large part of my problem: I get too caught up in other people’s lives and forget about my own.

I need a “me” day.

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