{June 20, 2012}   6/19/12


Sarge is adjusting well. He got his first bath here at his new home today. Other than his laziness, which prevented him from standing, he seemed to enjoy the attention he was receiving from two people at once. Now that he’s had a bath, I’m somewhat able to tolerate his scent.

I spent the majority of the morning patching walls so they can be painted before I move back into my parents house. Many of these holes that I have patched were the direct result of my terrible aim when using a hammer. Apparently, there isn’t a single molecule in my body that was meant for carpentry work. Maybe I’m more cut out for being an interior painter and decorator? We’ll soon find out!

Today is my brother Robert’s birthday. I’m excited because I had a professional photographer take pictures of our adorable little niece, Kayla, on one of our firetrucks while she wore my brother’s fire jacket (he’s also a firefighter). We’re taking the best photo and making it poster-sized and having it framed for him. He’s going to love it!



We had a pretty interesting training session for Fire and Rescue the other night. They had me be the patient: pregnant, lost and with a broken tibia and a broken femur. They had me stuff a pillow under my shirt and go get lost in the Town sand pits so they could locate me, splint both of my legs, back-board me and carry me out of the pits and to the waiting ambulance. The guys did a wonderful job with the exercise. Oh yeah… did I mention that I am the only female on the department, so I get to be the patient quite frequently? Hahaha, I love my job!


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