{June 22, 2012}   6/21/12

Another hot one! It reached ninety-eight degrees here today.

I decided against getting all new gear (firefighter clothing) and decided instead for all new electronics. New pager, engraved, new radio, engraved and the cool accessories like cases for them. I also finally got my name panel for my jacket, so now my brother and I match. I also got a new helmet 🙂

I’m not a big fan of water, but yesterday the heat got to me. I ended up going to my parents house and hopping in their pool. The water was eighty degrees, but it still felt cool. Poor Sarge, he just wants to hop in so he can be with us. He gets up on his back legs and stands against the edge of the pool watching us. He’s got character.

Unfortunately, I have had to give up my Thursday nights at the bar that I love so much. Someone whom I no longer get along with has begun going every Thursday night now and I know myself well enough that I know I would lose my temper and be a complete bitch. She definitely deserves my wrath, especially her ‘husband’, but since I’m with the Fire and Rescue, I have a reputation to uphold. Believe it or not, though, my superiors at the department encourage us to go out and have a good time, not let the department get in the way of what we want to do, because it is a volunteer position. For the time being.  😉    I am trying to keep myself out of trouble and exhibit some self-control, but I had the biggest urge to go to that bar last night, reclaim my turf and my friends and be the biggest bitch I could possibly be.

Maybe next week…

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