{July 16, 2012}   Getting Nervous

My EMT class starts tomorrow and I’m getting nervous. Crazy thoughts keep going through my mind like: Once I’m certified, peoples lives will be in my hands. What if I screw up and do more harm than good? What if I overlook the smallest thing and the patient pays the price?

I wonder if this is normal for soon-to-be EMTs? At this point I’m lacking the confidence that it’s going to take to be a good EMT. Or student, for that matter. I’m told the class that I’m attending is a large one with a lot of students. That makes me nervous, I do better in more intimate settings. I’m praying that I can keep my anxiety at bay so I can get through this class.

On the bright side I see my psychotherapist this morning, so I think our forty-five minutes will be dedicated to calming my nerves and anxiety and pep-talks. So far everybody on the department and most everybody in my family believes in me and supports me in this new venture. I guess I worry about letting them down. What if I don’t pass my clinical? Or practicals or CBTs? I have it in my mind that the testing is a one-shot deal, but in reality you can keep doing the testing until you pass it. But if I fail the first time, does that mean I’m not cut out for being an EMT?

Oh the questions and worries!

Hmmm……pre joining jitters n nothing else…….just try to focus more on the outcome of this course than the difficulties you might face while pursuing it. Just think, how wonderful would be the feeling when you will be able to help so many people with this new talent/specialization you will be have and moreover how proud would your parents be once you finish it. Needless to say, your parents would be happy otherwise too but you have to just prove it to yourself that you can do it. Remember, getting first is not necessary in this profession of your but finishing the job is. So, concentrate more on doing it correctly than doing it quickly. I know the feeling as I recently resigned from Indian Navy due to some medical issues i was facing and i am disappointed too but my parents are really supportive and hence it gives me enough hope to step forward n try again, in a different frontier maybe. Just cheer up! Sorry for confusing you with so many words BTW. Best of luck!

Thank you Anish! Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Best of luck to you, too!

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