{July 31, 2012}   Beyond Busy

I have been so totally, unbelievably busy. I’ve been in class now for two weeks. My class is Monday through Fridays, five days per week AND Mondays and Wednesdays are eight in the morning until eight in the evening (twelve hours). Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays class begins at eight in the morning and ends at six in the evening. That’s… (sadly I need my calculator)… That’s fifty-four hours per week. THEN… on top of class, I have clinicals every weekend where I ride with local ambulance companies and get to employ my skills.

I am worn out. By the time I get home in the evenings I have no brain power left to study. I am convinced that I WILL fail the practical and CBT exams. To be completely honest, I am fighting with all of my might to NOT throw my hands up and give up. Oh, but how easy it would be to conveniently forget to set my alarm for five-thirty in the morning and sleep through half of the day… resulting in my expulsion from the class because punctuality and attendance are mandatory.

I’m trying. I’m done with clinicals and I even did extra time for extra credit so I will have this weekend to study, study, study. And maybe study a little more after that. There are only four days of class left, then testing begins. Oh God, please wish me luck!

On a side note: How I wish I had time in my week to see my therapist! I could really use her encouragement right about now!

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