{August 19, 2012}   Your Bad Luck= My Good Day

The world of EMS… I feel like I should feel bad for feeling good.

My day today:


I get a page for a forty-year old female having chest pain. I arrive on scene, get her vitals and begin taking a history on the patient. I ask her about any surgeries or medical problems she has had, such as diabetes or heart attacks. She informs me that she has had a gastric bypass, had a small portion of her intestine removed, had her gallbladder removed and a history of acid reflux. At the end of her laundry list of surgeries and medical problems she adds that “I haven’t had sex because my husband is in … (far away city)”. WHAT!? She was taken to the hospital via ambulance.


I reported for work, cleaning vacation homes. Not a very rewarding job, but it pays for gasoline for me to be able to volunteer as an EMT.


Motor vehicle accident, two vehicles, significant damage, injuries and fluids leaking. I abandoned my cleaning job, hopped in my truck and raced to the scene. I was one of the first on scene and I went directly to the vehicle which had not been checked by personnel yet. The driver and only occupant was a twenty-eight year old female and the vehicle had sustained significant damage without airbag deployment, so the first thing I did was climb into the back seat of the car and clamp onto her head to keep her from moving (in case she had a spinal injury). It seemed like forever, but it was really only five minutes maximum, before my team arrived and assisted me with extricating her from the vehicle. She and the other driver were back-boarded and taken to the hospital via ambulance.

So my conclusion for the day: I feel good because I knew what to do to help these people who were in distress and I was able to do it. I feel like I should feel bad for feeling good about it because it’s other people’s bad luck and misfortunes that enable me to feel good. Does that make sense to you?

Kimberly says:

Congratulations, you feel good about helping a fellow human being. You have inadvertently stumbled upon exactly what life is supposed to be about. You should feel good because you have turned his or her misfortune into good fortune that you have the training and skill to help.

Thank you, Kimberly 🙂

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