{August 21, 2012}   Indecision

Today is day two of serious pain in my mid-to-lower back. The pain is so terrible that I cannot straighten up, my back is involuntarily hunched. I don’t know whether I should bother calling my doctors or not, because sometimes there just isn’t anything they can do about the pain and hearing them voice that seems to add to my misery. I know that this too shall pass, but while living it it seems it could go on forever. There’s no explaining just how it feels. There’s nothing that palliates it- laying down, heat, cold, NSAIDs, Lidocaine patches, every possible position I could sit in… nothing works. I’m severely lacking sleep, which is just worsening the way I feel. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s miserable!

So my battle is between calling my doctors or waiting for it to go away by itself? Is it Fibro pain or have I severely thrown my back out again?

Kimberly says:

How about a soak in a whirlpool hot tub?

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