{August 24, 2012}   What is a ‘Normal’ Low?

Of course I already suffer from depression, but since my back has been out I’ve been super low. I imagine it’s somewhat depressing for anyone when they get injured and are unable to do things they usually do, but I wonder if I take it to an all-new low? Let’s compare my typical day to the last four days:

I would dare say there’s a significant change. Probably a change for the worse. In my insane head, though, I’m not sure that I’m doing all of these things because of the pain… I feel like the pain just helped me fall a little deeper into a depression that was already coming at me head-on. Basically like a “wrong place at the wrong time” situation. I feel like even if I had not hurt my back again that I would still be depressed, just it may have taken another week before I hit so low.

I feel like I’m not even making sense. 😦

Depression is such a scary place to be hang in there.

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