{September 1, 2012}   Absent

I’ve been absent and neglecting my writing for a few days. I’ve actually been sleeping a lot. My body has kind of given me a schedule to follow since I’ve been in so much pain: Wake up, coffee, take a Trama-dol, read for a while or do my errands, take a nap for a couple of hours, wake up, coffee, read for awhile, Trama-dol, Citalopram, Ativan and Bystolic and then go to bed. My days are quite uneventful, but I think rest and (attempted) relaxation is what my body wants right now. My level of depression has definitely increased over the last two weeks.

This Tuesday will find me in a new D.O.’s office. This D.O. comes highly recommended and treats the body as a whole, not just what ails you. She also has a way to get my medical insurance to pay for massage therapies that will loosen my muscles up so that my bones will hopefully stop jumping out of joint. This new doctor almost sounds too good to be true. Let’s pray that is not the case!!!

Ginger Ray says:

I hope you get some relief!

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