{October 16, 2012}   I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

We just had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake while I was at my EMS meeting. The funny thing is every EMT and Paramedic in the Valley were in that room with me. I don’t believe there was any damage other than a small gas leak. 4.6 mag is huge for this area. Usually we have small quakes that we can’t even feel but this one made my speakers jump off my computer desk and my votive candles bail off my TV, and now those are in pieces within the cylinder of a shop-vac.

Anyway, I’m glad I went to the meeting tonight. I actually enjoyed it and as always, my EMT partner was a joy to be with. My day has turned around drastically and I’m so glad. I still feel guilty about my attitude this morning, but I know that therapists are trained to deal with it and not take it personally. I’ll get over it.

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