{October 24, 2012}   Surfing the Diets

I’ve been surfing online for over an hour now for an affordable weight-loss pill, seeing as the ones I’ve been taking have seemed to stop working. By affordable I mean twenty dollars or less. I stumbled across the Diet Dots you see on the left here. The reviews are unbelievable, as in I’m not sure the company didn’t write them to try and sell their products. One ‘customer’ wrote that she lost eight pounds in the first two weeks and ten pounds the following two weeks of taking it. She claims she didn’t change her diet and she doesn’t exercise. Hmmm… eighteen pounds gone in a month without any work put into it? I’m a bit skeptical, but for four dollars I think I’ll give it a try. IF it does such miracle work by itself, just imagine what it would do with some exercise and calorie restriction! Maybe I could finally reach my goal weight. Maybe tonight when the stores are empty I will go get some for a trial, and also pick up a new jump rope because the dog thought mine looked like a fun tug-of-war toy, and my niece agreed with him whole-heartedly.

I need underwear like this. Good motivational tool.

Right now I’m saving up money to buy a good punching bag, more for my mental well being than exercise. I don’t want to be one of those women who is all muscular and scary looking. I just want to lose more weight and have a healthy way to let my anger out. My father says that if I have a punching bag to let my anger out on I’ll end up with broken hands. Ha! He sure does know me, but I learned how to effectively punch when I took martial arts and self defense classes. Now if only I could get my mother to stop bringing me pants. The thought is a good one, but she hands them to me and says, “You’re the only one I can think of that’s small enough to squeeze into these”. And then I can’t squeeze into them. Hello! I’m not a size zero! Yet.

Make the flabbiness go away.

Make the love handles melt.

Make my thunder thighs slim.

Make my upper arms still, not jiggly.

Make my face sharp and shapely, not round and pudgy.

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