{December 15, 2012}   *~Silent Break~*

Silent Break

I weep quietly

over something that

was never mine.

I long to

grasp the hand

that I only

held for a

moment in time.

I miss the

sighs that I

should be able

to hear every




green eye tearIt’s amazing how

you captivated my

heart, hypnotized my

mind in such

a short span

of time. I

still think of

you when I

lay awake at

night, my memory

replays our brief

union when I

get in my

car and drive.

I see your

prayingdark brown eyes,

your smile, so

warm and kind.

I feel your

hands pressing against

my back, caressing

so gently, so

lovingly. I hear

your whispers in

my ears, I

taste your soul

in my very

own tears…

pmoyo says:

very well written, the emotion is conveyed nicely!

Thank you very much 🙂

This is really beautiful and powerful, fab writing…Dawny 🙂

Thank you Dawny! 🙂

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