{January 11, 2013}   Epidemic!
The 2012 Influenza Virus under a super-powerful microscope. How is something so pretty so devastating? Sounds like some of the girls I've known. Hah!

The 2012 Influenza Virus under a super-powerful microscope. How is something so pretty so devastating? Sounds like some of the girls I’ve known. Hah!

Wow. There have been fourteen flu-related deaths in my state so far this flu season and they’re saying we’re not even in the flu season yet. Unfortunately this is why I have to skip out on so many EMS calls. I got the influenza and pneumonia vaccinations and so did my Mother, but the doctor still suggested we be careful because (in his words) “the flu this year is resisting the vaccinations”. So any general-sickness calls or calls where the patient tells dispatch that they have the flu or pneumonia, I can’t go. So that leaves me going to diabetic emergencies, car accidents and fires (that’s all we really get around here).

Now onto a completely different, much more interesting subject; I’m reading This Is How by Augusten Burroughs. It’s interesting in a much different way than his other books that I’ve read. “How To Find Love” is the most captivating and thought-provoking chapter that I’ve read yet (I’m about to start “How To Be Confident”). In it Augusten writes about how we are so caught up in our own routines that we’re basically keeping ourselves from finding our “soul mate”. He provides a few examples like if we go to the same convenient store and deal with the same clerk all the time, then we’re limiting ourselves socially.Augusten's This Is How He suggests stepping out of our comfort zones. Instead of going to that same Sunoco, try going to the Circle K down the street for once. To sum it up simply: if we have been going to the same places for X amount of time and haven’t found our “soul mate”, then chances are, we won’t find them in those places. I’m guilty as sin when it comes to routine. I always go to the same gas station (same old man taking my money), same grocery store (same old high-school drop-outs with their baby bumps) and the same convenient store for my cigarettes (same old ex-smoker who lectures me every time). There’s a reason behind it for me, though. Meeting new people and sticking my neck out there frightens me. Literally gives me those goose bumps I get when the house creaks all by itself in the middle of the night. But what’s stopping you? I might even give it a whirl, not to find love, but to maybe work on meeting new people for a change. I said maybe.

And I’m kind of excited for the next chapter- How To Be Confident.

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