{January 21, 2013}   Feels Like Home

Car TreeNow that I have my car I face a new task: making it feel like mine. My old truck had a redneck theme, but my new vehicle looks like a soccer Mom’s car so I don’t think it’ll work out well. I’ve already purchased car fresheners that are shaped like a tree, smell like vanilla (very strong vanilla) and have the American Flag pattern on them. I’ve put my lights and fire plates on it. Now for floor mats, since it didn’t come with any. I will skip on any seat covers because I love the leather seats! I definitely need a cargo mat because I don’t won’t to mess up the carpet in the back with my bunker gear, EMS bag and oxygen tanks. The last thing I want is to throw my gear in the back after fighting a fire and getting soot and shit all over the carpet :/

Now for the real issues: my sister is still in the ER waiting for a bed to open up at the State Hospital’s Psychiatric Ward. I pray it happens soon because all the ER is doing is keeping her fed and alive. She needs mental help and detox.

My Assistant Fire Chief is really pissing me off. I’m the number two responder (out of twenty-seven of us) and he’s treating me like shit. I do all of the dirty work, as well as all of the administrative crap (paperwork), and he does nothing but harp on my ass. I cannot wait for my Chief to get back from his vacation so that the Assistant Chief can get off his power trip. He’s allowing his personal life to float into the department and forgetting all professionalism he used to possess. Myself and a few others are about ready to walk out on him and leave him high and dry, with only the weekenders who come to volunteer when they’re not at home in one of the cities.

As for the nerve blocks I had in my thoracic spine, they seem to be doing some good. They’ve taken the edge off of my pain. I also got a prescription for Phenergan to combat the nausea that the Butrans patches were causing. I’m trying them for the first time with the pills tonight. We’ll see how well it works.

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