{January 23, 2013}   Unusual Photo Op

At 2:21am this morning we were called to a residence for a 24 year old male who was seizing. When we go there, we realized that the kid had been using heroin and it seemed that caused his seizure. At 6:16am this morning my pager goes off for the same address: fully involved structure fire. It went to second alarm before we had it under control. The Fire Marshall’s non-official report is it was a meth lab gone wrong. Thankfully, since I’d been there just a few hours prior I was able to tell dispatch right away that it was suspicious, chemicals were most likely involved and that ALL people on scene were to wear masks or SCBA’s. Glad I was able to make that call. We fought that fire for over six hours. It’s a complete loss, the only thing standing being the brick chimney. The fire was so hot that it melted the wood stoves into unrecognizable heaps of metal. That was my biggest fire yet. The local newspaper and local TV news station got plenty shots of my brother and I, with our matching names on our jackets, fighting the fire. What an unusual photo op. Oh, and my mother was texting me every five minutes inquiring if we were okay. That felt good. But I couldn’t really answer her that often.

With the adrenaline worn down, I’m now exhausted. Going off about three hours total sleep and a lot of hard, physical labor. Nap time!




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