{February 24, 2013}   Attention Seeker

While snuggling with Babe today watching the snow fall outside my window my mind took off on a random train of thought: another reason I’d love to be a cat.
When a cat wants attention they’re not at all shy about it. Babe will cry, rub against your legs or arms, and force her way into your lap. There’s no question about what she wants. And she’s at cat, she doesn’t speak English. How many humans do you know that will ask for attention? I don’t know a single one. I do know people who will act out in order to get attention, and I believe that’s a learned behavior that we grasp as young children and many of us never let go of it.
Think about it: how great would it be if we could let ourselves ask for the attention we need and want? “Please hug me, I need to feel safe and secure”, “Please touch my arm, I need to know that you’re here, both body and mind”. That would be pretty amazing.
Man, to be a cat with no self esteem issues and such an incredibly strong personality.Image

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