{February 27, 2013}   My Best Butch Look

At 7am this morning I finally realized what my best butch look is: bunker gear. There was a head-on collision involving a big box truck and a little Nissan at the end of my road. I was obviously the first on scene. I got my gear on and climbed into the back seat of the car where the most critical patient was. 20 Year old male pinned by his legs by the engine compartment. I held c-spine and awaited the arrival of my fellow firefighters and ems. I stayed with my patient through the 30 minute extrication, keeping him calm, explaining what we were doing to get him out and keeping him engaged in conversation about his one-year-old daughter, girlfriend and job. I covered him with my own body while my partners punched in the windows, cut off the doors and the roof and removed the engine compartment from my patients legs. At some point my thumb got smashed pretty bad, but I was so involved with my patient that I don’t know when or how it happened. We got him out of the wreckage and loaded into the ambulance (two broken femurs, broken arm and head injury) and stood there looking at the car. No one, including myself,knows how I got into the car. The roof was partially caved in and the doors were jammed. 

So my best butch look is me. It’s not really  “look” at all, it’s deeper than that. It’s how you feel when you feel your best. I just happen to feel my best and be happiest when I’m in my fire gear helping people and comforting them. It’s not even abour being gay. It’s about being me!

Well said. It’s really not about flannel shirts and comfortable shoes.

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