I’ll spare you the religious crap that created Easter. Easter is for children and the kid in us adults. It’s for making yummy food. It’s for eating chocolates shaped like eggs and bunnies. It’s for coloring eggs to look attractive, like a gay pride flag. It’s for making time for family.

So I hope you all enjoy today and are able to spend it with your loved ones.

The Easter Bunny seems to have forgotten me this year. This grown-up crap is really not for me. My Chief called me bright and early this morning to meet him at the Fire Station. My Easter will be spent on the computer doing research and typing up papers endlessly. On the bright side tomorrow means discount chocolate!!!

Happy Easter!!!

{March 30, 2013}   She’s On Fire






Sarge enjoying a relaxing evening

It’s my Mother’s Birthday! We’re sitting around the living room drinking wine, martinis and White Russians, singing karaoke. Okay… I’M not singing, but we’re all having a good time.
Sarge included!


I did a new painting. Nothing special. I still have to trim the edges. It’s a start, though. I haven’t painted anything other than walls since before Halloween last year. Not gonna lie- it feels good to create something from nothing again. I usually paint just female gay pride stuff, but I may branch out and include the guys next time, too. We’ll see.
Once I get my room finished I want to frame all of my paintings and hang them on one wall, museum-style. Once again, we’ll see. It’ll be awhile yet before my room gets finished.



Meet Sarge, my seven year old Husky/German Shepherd. Sarge weighs 110 pounds. He’s a big dog.

This morning Babe brought another mouse to my bedside and woke me up. I didn’t freak out this time. I went downstairs to get my coffee and Sarge was standing to my left, Babe to my right (mouse in mouth). Babe let the mouse go and it went straight for Sarge, running up the poor dog’s front leg. Sarge freaked out, ran through the house and up the stairs with all he had. Apparently my dog is not only afraid of thunder, my brother, small dogs, church bells and snow falling off of the roof, but he’s scared to death of mice, too! What a big, protective dog I’ve got!

I have no idea where the mouse went. Babe and I have not found it yet. This worries me slightly because the mouse she caught yesterday morning was a fat little brown field mouse and the one she had this morning was a skinny little grey one.

Let’s hope that morning won’t bring another tortured mouse with it.


Where's Waldo?

Babe is tired out today. Maybe it has something to do with our eventful early morning?
4:20 am- Babe comes to my bedside with a squeaking, injured mouse to show me her prize. (Little secret about me- I’m scared of small things that move fast, like spiders and mice). Of course, I freaked out, Babe took off and the injured, bleeding mouse got away. I have searched everywhere for this early morning rodent and cannot find it. I wonder where it will turn up? I hope it doesn’t…

{March 22, 2013}   Good Cop, Bad Cop

Tonight I went for a ride along with one of our Police Sergeants. It was rather uneventful. We pulled over seven cars for speeding but he doesn’t ticket people! He doesn’t even pull them over unless they’re doing 12+ mph over the limit. So I was trying to get him to stop people and ticket just ONE, but he wouldn’t do it. We had a call for a domestic dispute with shots fired but got there to find out that two little kids were beating on a plastic toy with a baseball bat. Not a lot of action, but I found out a lot about our residents and he invited me back to ride again. I will definitely take him up on it!

It was a good night. A very good night 🙂

{March 21, 2013}   Reminiscing

Man, remember when?




The Dinosaurs

I used to watch endless reruns of Lambchop at my Grandparents house during the day and then endless reruns of The Dinosaurs when I’d go home at night. I had the coolest Dinosaurs coloring book. I never colored in it because I was afraid if I did I would really want to color it at a later date. I don’t know what ever happened to that book. “Not the Momma!”


Barney' s Christmas Movie

And what mid didn’t fall in love with Barney?! I remember having all of the Barney movies. I had a Barney blanket for my bed, a Barney stuffed animal that sang that “I love you, you love me…” song, a 25 piece puzzle of Barney and Bee-Bop, a pop-up punching bag with Barney on it (I get the joke now, Mom and Dad, haha) and I even got to see Barney and Bee-Bop on an RV trip my parents took my brother and I on. Keep in mind, I fell obsessively in love with the original Barney- more of a plum color than a bright purple.

I’m not really sure why I’m reminiscing about my favorite childhood television shows right now. Maybe because it seems like kid’s shows have really taken a nose-dive. I wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpson’s until I was thirteen, now my six year old niece can almost quote King Of The Hill.

I’d like to see some of the old shows come back. I could totally tuck into a Wonder Years marathon right now!

{March 19, 2013}   Cold Blanket



These photos were taken from inside my front door. It’s twenty-two degrees out and we have eleven inches of snow, it’s still snowing and we’re expecting another five to eight inches throughout the night tonight. So far we’ve skated through with only one car accident this snow storm… but it’s not over yet. One thing that sucks is having to clean my car off every hour in case my pager goes off. I did get to work the car accident with the female police sergeant this morning though 🙂

{March 19, 2013}   Job Offer

There’s a job offer on the table for me. I have to take it. My Chief pulled me aside at a car accident scene this morning and told me that the fire commission voted unanimously to hire me for a new position: Fire Department Clerk. It will not be officially offered to me until after the first Thursday in April. Chief said they will pay me a stipend plus my regular pay, should I accept the position. Of course I will. I’m doing the work now, only I’m not being paid for it.

I’ve been seriously considering taking some psych classes at the local community college. It’s something that has interested me since junior high and it would give me an advantage on the rescue squad since about 50% of our medical calls are for people with mental illnesses.

It’s been snowing steady since about three this morning and we have five inches of snow. It’s supposed to stop for a period this afternoon, but then they say it’ll start falling at 3″ per hour until we have around 20″. Just when I got comfortable wearing t-shirts and button ups without a jacket or sweatshirt…

et cetera