{April 15, 2013}   If I Were Any Hotter, I’d Be On Fire

Yesterday I got called out to an active chimney fire “across from the Elementary School”. I have to pass the location to get to the station to get an engine, so as I went by I was scoping it out. There was lots of smoke, but no fire. The female officer ( 🙂 ) flagged me down to tell me she couldn’t locate it, so I told her to keep looking, talk to me on the radio and I’d get a truck. I finally located it about a mile East of the school and there were flames coming out of that chimney that were about three feet high. Myself and a fellow firefighter quickly ascended the roof via a ladder, and dropped two chemical bombs and started punching a pike pole down the chimney. It was clogged solid. We were able to contain the fire, save the house and extinguish the remaining fire in the wood stove. After all was done the home owner admitted that he hadn’t gotten the chimney cleaned since it was erected… twelve years ago. He was very fortunate, and so were we. The side of my helmet got a little melted and the other firefighter who was on the roof with me melted the sleeve of his jacket.

You think chimney fire and you think piece of cake. And then you get one like we had yesterday and you realize that there is no such thing as routine in the fire/rescue service.

I thank God every day when our company returns home safely to their families. We’re blessed to be in a position to help people and doubly blessed when all goes well.

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