{June 14, 2013}   I Will Wait for You

What do you
do when your
dreams go up
in smoke? Where
do you go
when you can’t
go home? Who
do you turn
to when everyone
is gone? Where
do you end
up when there’s
nowhere you belong?

Time marches on
and every step
makes you more
tired, you get
a coffee to
go and you’re
wired. You listen
to the radio,
hoping to hear
a song to
make you feel

The sun starts
to set on
all your faded
lies, in the
mirror the truths
still hide in
your eyes. Bent
but not broken,
ashamed of words
left unspoken.

In the morning
you will wake
to face another
brutal day. Try
to keep your
head up, try
and be brave.
You’ll make it
through, you always
do, and at
the end of
this dark tunnel
I will be
waiting for you.

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