{June 15, 2013}   Weird Facts About Me

Here are some things a lot of people don’t know about me (and probably don’t care to):

1.) Elvis Presley is my all-time favorite music artist. EVER.

2.) I play the violin and piano (I’m a little dorky sometimes).

3.) I’ve seen the following in concert: The Charlie Daniels Band, Jo Dee Messina, Terri Clark (twice), Big ‘N’ Rich, Luke Bryan and Saving Abel.

4.) I still sleep with the receiving blanket that I came home from the hospital in twenty-four years ago. I call it my “blanky”. Original, I know 😉

5.) I will only drink from glass or a ceramic mug (no cans, plastic, cardboard or Styrofoam).

6.) I listen to country (classic and modern) and rock (classic and modern) but I can rap like nobody’s business!

7.) I’m more masculine than any of my brothers but if I see a spider or a rodent I scream like a little girl and run as if my life depends on it. I actually believe my life does depend on it.

8.) I have to sleep with a nightlight on.

9.) I’ve won a spelling bee and two shooting (rifle) competitions.

10.) I’ve broken the following bones: left radius (wrist) three times, left thumb once, left pinky-knuckle/hand once, fractured my skull, fractured three ribs and chipped my tailbone.

11.) I’ve had stitches in my head twice, my arm once, my hand twice and my leg twice.

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