{June 21, 2013}   Stuck In A Poem

I’ve been writing this poem and I know where I want it to go, but the journey between the beginning and the end seems to be eluding me. Here’s what I have so far, hopefully the rest will fall into place soon, before it drives me bat-shit crazy (it’s about life in EMS):

We see so
much that we
don’t want to
see, we joke
about it to
keep from going
crazy. Like a
soldier we’re not
allowed to lose
our composure, but
when the lights
go out, we
feel just like
everybody else. We
cry tears for
those we couldn’t
help, we cry
for those we
do help, sometimes
we cry because
we know the
fragility of life.

We get covered
in blood and
lots of other
stuff, don’t think
it doesn’t phase


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