{July 2, 2013}   Uprooted

With my attitude and the way everything has to be “just-so” you’d think I’m an only child. I’m not- I’m the youngest of eight children and the only one remaining at home, residing on the third floor, as far away from the action as possible. I have my own bathroom and my own four rooms: bedroom, office-studio, storage and one under construction. Today the State contacted my parents and asked them to take my nephew in who none of us has seen since he was three… he turned seventeen in January. Guess who’s moving tomorrow? Guess who’s losing a room tomorrow?
So today has been very busy. I’ve been working my arse off to get that one room done because it’s the biggest room and I want that room to be my bedroom.
I’m not going to lie, suddenly having a seventeen year old boy move into my home, my space, has thrown me for a loop. I understand that he needs placement and we are his family but… why can’t he have one of my parents rooms on the first or second floor??? Yes, this is the part where I act like a selfish, spoiled, only-child.
Shit just got real.

Kimberly says:

Change builds character…or is that pain?

Haha, I DO know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… or more of a bitch 😉

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