{February 9, 2014}   This is the Way That We Live


Life according to The L Word. Ahh, gotta love The L Word… and Jennifer Beals! I have just one question, am I the only one who can’t stand Jenny???

You forgot “dreaming” lol. LOVE this pie chart! I’d post this on my instageam but I doubt anyone would get it lol

I didn’t even notice that, found it online 🙂 Good picking Sheespeaks!

lucyjoamos says:

Oh and no, Jenny was my least favourite also

Good, I’m not alone! She was just a little too… psychotic. Haha.

Honey says:

I couldn’t stand Jennie! She was so narcissistic. The only ones I really liked we’re Dana, Alice and Tasha, whose laugh made my whole body quiver.

🙂 I was crazy for Bette, but then again I’m in love with Jennifer Beals! Haha. Alice drove me crazy at first but she grew on me. Tasha- AWESOME. Dana… she came around just in time to die 😦

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