{July 18, 2013}   Lightning Strikes Again


I’m scared to death of thunder and lightning. And my fears are legit: we fought a structure fire last night that was caused by lightning. Today we got called back for hot spots. I got nasty sweaty and dirty. And it’s 92° out with 94% humidity. Ugh!
We’re supposed to have more severe thunderstorms rolling in within the next two hours. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t start any fires or cause anyone else the heartache of losing their home.
I haven’t taken any pain killers in two days and man am I feeling it. Especially after the structure fires.


I read the news with great sadness. 18 fellow firefighters have perished in the line of duty while fighting an out of control wildland fire in Arizona. To their families: words cannot heal the devastating loss. Be proud of them. They are true heroes who fought a hard battle. To the firefighters left behind: always remember the reason we do this job. It’s never easy. Carry your brothers and sisters close to your heart, they’re still fighting with you from Heaven. To the firefighters who lost the battle: thank you. Rest easy, we’ll take it from here.

Globe boots

The culprit.

Fight FireSo why am I a firefighter, you may ask? I don’t know, I kind of got dragged into the whole Fire Fighting/EMS thing by my brother, but I’ve stayed because I LOVE it. Now you’d think I’ve been doing it long enough that I’d know some of the basics, like what is and isn’t comfortable attire when you have to wear a bunch of fire-resistant clothing for long periods of time. Well, not really. For instance, tonight I wore ankle socks. Big no-no. I now have a giant blister on both of my heels from my turn-out boots. And I’m a big baby when it comes to sores like that. Seriously, I’d rather have a gaping cut and have to get stitches than suffer through a blister.

Now to google ways to ease the fiery pain of blisters!



{June 26, 2013}   I Am Blessed

Allow me to be weird and somewhat sappy for a minute.

It’s only Tuesday but it’s been a really long week already. I’ve been suffering an awful headache since last Thursday (this is day #5) and I’ve been right out straight. We had a twenty-two year old girl complete suicide last Thursday via hanging and it seemed to go South from there. I’ve been busting my ass cleaning houses to make some money and in return I’ve been aggravating my back, neck and shoulder injuries. We had a house struck by lighting, a woman fall asleep while driving and hit another vehicle, a boating accident, an elderly lady hallucinating and seeing spiders (my greatest fear, right up there with clowns) and I’ve been involved with a Police investigation (I didn’t do anything, I’m a witness). Between doctor appointments, work and life in general I’ve felt like I’ve been living in my own little hell. Poor, poor, pitiful me, right? Well, I reflect on all of my complaints and think to myself: what do I have to complain about?

I’m alive. My loved ones are alive and well. I can walk, can usually talk and I’m not facing anything life-threatening at the moment. I have a job, or two, when so many people can’t seem to find work with this economy. I have food in my refrigerator, a roof over my head and I don’t want for much. I’m lucky enough to have the “extras” in life: a swimming pool, a luxury car, friends and family who care about me… it really could be worse. I guess it’s a good day when I’m the medical provider and not the patient. That may just be my new favorite pick-me-up saying.

I’m realizing that I am blessed. It’s a good feeling to realize it, and I think I’m making good use of my blessings by helping people in crisis. Even on days when I’m feeling down and can’t help myself, I can help someone else. As we joke about in EMS- I’m one of the chosen few. 😀

{June 25, 2013}   Stick It

I’ve been dealing with some harassment as of late at the Fire Department. I am the only female on the department and there are two men in particular who have an issue with a female being on the department. So far their bullshit has only served to make me work harder and better myself as a firefighter/EMT. So when I came across this picture via Google I instantly lost it. I want to have this put on tee shirts and give them to these two guys. That or just wear it myself every day to piss them off.

I sure as hell can!

I sure as hell can!

Yep, summer has officially begun.

Car accidents, boating accidents and houses struck by lightning sums up my busy day.

I’m on the third floor and it’s eighty-six degrees in my bedroom. HOT! I’ve got an air cooler that you put water in and it’s supposed to be kind of like an A/C unit. Well, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, so I ran down to the Fire Station where we have an awesome ice machine and got a bucket of ice. I dumped a bunch of ice in the water intake and then set a bowl of it behind the unit, where the air intake is. I’m hoping it helps cool it down a little. It’s much too hot and humid to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow is a bit quieter. I have a muscle knot in my neck that is actually visible to the naked eye, it’s so big, and I’m hoping to get it taken care of tomorrow before this headache completely consumes me.

Before the storms rolled in today.

Before the storms rolled in today.

{June 21, 2013}   Stuck In A Poem

I’ve been writing this poem and I know where I want it to go, but the journey between the beginning and the end seems to be eluding me. Here’s what I have so far, hopefully the rest will fall into place soon, before it drives me bat-shit crazy (it’s about life in EMS):

We see so
much that we
don’t want to
see, we joke
about it to
keep from going
crazy. Like a
soldier we’re not
allowed to lose
our composure, but
when the lights
go out, we
feel just like
everybody else. We
cry tears for
those we couldn’t
help, we cry
for those we
do help, sometimes
we cry because
we know the
fragility of life.

We get covered
in blood and
lots of other
stuff, don’t think
it doesn’t phase


{June 20, 2013}   Faith

Today has been a test for me. My doctor diagnosed me with A.D.D. and then I went off to work. Right off the bat we had two calls: a medical alarm activation, which turned out to be a fluke since there was no one home and as we cleared that call dispatch sent us to another. Echo-level cardiac arrest, hanging victim. She was a mere twenty-two years old. Her mother was, understandably, very upset. That call left me feeling empty and grateful at the same time.

It’ll be a little while, a week or two, before I will get the gruesome, heartbreaking image out of my head. What I’ve come to fully understand is this: there are some things that we will never be able to understand. That’s where Faith plays a roll.

poollightningIt was a hot, humid ninety-six degrees out today so I spent a couple of hours in my pool. All of a sudden the sky turned black, so I hopped out of the pool and on my way into the house I heard the first rumble of thunder. I quickly got dried off and dressed in anticipation of fire alarms being set off by lightning. I no sooner pulled my shirt on and my pager sounded for a tree down on wires and on fire. I raced to the station, hopped in an engine and went to the scene. As I was backing the engine into the station my pager sounded again for a transformer on fire, so we took off again. We went straight from that call to another tree on fire on power lines blocking the road. We quickly cleared that scene to respond to another transformer on fire. I worked four calls in an hour and a half. Once I finished my reports I returned home for some dinner and my pager again reminded me that I live to serve others and my needs come last. A fifteen year old girl attempted suicide by overdosing on her antidepressants. She told me she was done getting picked on and she just doesn’t see any point in “sticking around”. I really felt for the girl.

It’s been a crazy day and I’m feeling it. My back and shoulder are broken. My physical therapist is going to kill me because I agreed to do “light duty” for two weeks if she wouldn’t write a note to my Chief telling him to take me off duty for two weeks. I offer up my wrong-doings but she knows the moment she touches me.

Valium and Seroquel are in store for me this evening. I do want to make one thing clear: I’m not complaining about my job- there’s nothing I’d rather do!!! I will risk it all if it means helping even one person.

After coming home from the hospital this morning I took a nap for a few hours. My day actually began around 12:30pm. Here’s how it’s gone:

I went outside to drink my coffee and have a smoke and I met a new friend. From the looks of his plump belly he'd had a hearty breakfast. I had to pick him up and take him away from the property before my Mother had a heart attack. He was a big boy, about 18" long. Gigantic for this part of the woods.

I went outside to drink my coffee and have a smoke and I met a new friend. From the looks of his plump belly he’d had a hearty breakfast. I had to pick him up and take him away from the property before my Mother had a heart attack. He was a big boy, about 18″ long. Gigantic for this part of the woods.



When I went in for my shower Ken and his ladies greeted my from the edge of the tub. Looks like he had a good night. Sorry Ken, you have to go. You’re not my type 😉

Then while at the playground my niece climbs atop the fire engine and states that she "wants to ride in big firetrucks when I get big like you Auntie". Awww!

Then while at the playground my niece climbs atop the fire engine and states that she “wants to ride in big firetrucks when I get big like you Auntie”. Awww!


This evening as I tried my dress on for one last time before the wedding to make sure I didn’t have to do any touch-ups my niece came waltzing into my room. Her jaw dropped to the floor and she said, “Auntie! You don’t wear dresses!”. Haha. She was only a year old when I last wore a dress at my graduation. She then went on to inform me that I can’t wear my camo hat and my work boots with the dress ’cause “it just doesn’t work”. God love her!

et cetera