{July 24, 2013}   ~*Time Slipping Away*~

Time Slipping Away

{July 19, 2013}   ~*New Beginnings*~

The sky blackens with threatening clouds
the breeze becomes a violent wind
the hair on my arms stand up
my pulse quickened.

I watch the lightning strike
feel th thunder rattle my bones
I close my eyes to the flashes
feel the cool rain on my skin.

The sun peaks through cracks in the clouds
thunder fades and birds are singing
tiny beads of water coat the foliage
the summer storm has passed…
… leaving life in it’s path.

{July 1, 2013}   *~You Make Me Stupid~*

You Make Me Stupid

{June 30, 2013}   The Monster

Another one of my poems I have imposed on a picture in Photoshop. I’m enjoying this new hobby. With a background photo it gives a better sense of the Poet’s (my) feelings when writing the poem. For instance, the background on this one is dark and maybe a little foreboding, and smoke plumes are usually associated with cigarettes, which more often than not are associated with pain, suffering and death. And finally the hand… we suffer so much at the hands of others. It’s amazing how many things a picture of a single hand can symbolize.


The Monster


{June 21, 2013}   Stuck In A Poem

I’ve been writing this poem and I know where I want it to go, but the journey between the beginning and the end seems to be eluding me. Here’s what I have so far, hopefully the rest will fall into place soon, before it drives me bat-shit crazy (it’s about life in EMS):

We see so
much that we
don’t want to
see, we joke
about it to
keep from going
crazy. Like a
soldier we’re not
allowed to lose
our composure, but
when the lights
go out, we
feel just like
everybody else. We
cry tears for
those we couldn’t
help, we cry
for those we
do help, sometimes
we cry because
we know the
fragility of life.

We get covered
in blood and
lots of other
stuff, don’t think
it doesn’t phase


{June 20, 2013}   ~*Undone*~

Give me just one touch
and I come all undone
give me just a kiss
and I’m completely helpless.

You see what you’ve done to me
I’m quickly unravelling
you’ve got me down on my knees
I’m crying, begging please.

I had to go and let you in
now I don’t know where it began
but I’m not ready for it to end
please just hold me again, and again, and again…

{June 16, 2013}   *~Not Mine~*
I'm having fun applying my poem to photo-shopped pictures :)

I’m having fun applying my poems to photo-shopped pictures 🙂

{June 14, 2013}   I Will Wait for You

What do you
do when your
dreams go up
in smoke? Where
do you go
when you can’t
go home? Who
do you turn
to when everyone
is gone? Where
do you end
up when there’s
nowhere you belong?

Time marches on
and every step
makes you more
tired, you get
a coffee to
go and you’re
wired. You listen
to the radio,
hoping to hear
a song to
make you feel

The sun starts
to set on
all your faded
lies, in the
mirror the truths
still hide in
your eyes. Bent
but not broken,
ashamed of words
left unspoken.

In the morning
you will wake
to face another
brutal day. Try
to keep your
head up, try
and be brave.
You’ll make it
through, you always
do, and at
the end of
this dark tunnel
I will be
waiting for you.

{June 13, 2013}   Beautiful Collision

It’s simple physics,
when there’s a
collision there’s bound
to be damage.
Our hearts crashed
into one another,
once broken and
dented, as one
they’ve mended.

Wounds healed and
turned to scars,
stronger than iron,
we’re shining brighter
than the stars.
Past loves and
heartbreaks past, our
love is made
to last. Vowed
before God and
carved in stone,
so long as
I live you’ll
never be alone.

Cross my heart
and you know
I can’t lie,
you’re the one
I will hold
until the day
I die. Hand
in hand, side
by side, I’m
all yours for
the rest of
our lives.

{June 1, 2013}   ~* Stolen Moments *~
Poem written by me. Photo edited by me.

Poem written by me. Photo edited by me.

et cetera