{September 17, 2015}   Curious

I want to know how it would feel
to brush your hair from your face
hold the back of your head delicately
and paint soft kisses on the side of your neck.
I want to know how it would make you feel
if I stroked your wavy locks?
Would you finally feel fragile?
Would your skin melt beneath my lips?
Would you patiently wait to see
where this moment of passion would go?
Would you panic like a deer in the headlights
and dart like a frightened doe?
Would you reach out for me
and pull me into a frenzied embrace?

Alone With You by Jake Owen With Lyrics:

{September 25, 2014}   She’s So Mean! But I Love It!

{March 26, 2014}   RIP Brothers

The Professional Lesbian

Boston It’s a sad day for firefighters across the nation. Boston, Massachusetts was called to duty for a nine-alarm fire. My heart goes out to the two fallen firefighter’s families and loved ones. Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh, Jr. (Ladder 15) and Firefighter Michael Kennedy (Engine 33), Rest in Peace Brothers, we’ll take it from here.

“Rest now my fallen brother
Lay soft your suffering back
Rest well and forever
Your memory shall not lack
Rest your tired hands
Wipe clean your weary brow
Rest with St. Florian
Your spirit now endowed
Rest here your breaking heart
We know you gave your all
Rest easy, you’ve done your part
You’ve answered your last call
Rest knowing that in God we sought
Oh Lord, watch over another who just fell
Rest assured your troubled thought
As we ring the final bell.”
Poem by R Hoffman, SSgt. USAF/MOANG, Firefighter~

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{November 29, 2013}   Faced With Hell

From my other blog. This is how I ended my Thanksgiving evening.

Lady EMT

Woodshed Restaurant

This was a thriving restaurant, before 22:00 on Thanksgiving night. Upon arrival the structure was showing heavy fire throughout the building and defensive ops got underway immediately, ringing three bells and calling nine fire departments in (approximately ninety firefighters). Unfortunately the building is a complete loss. Firefighters fought a hard battle late last night and this morning facing temperatures as low as twelve degrees Fahrenheit and wind gusts of up to thirty miles per hour.

Though we were unable to save this property due to the heavy flames upon arrival, I’m proud of my brothers and sisters who answered the call on Thanksgiving evening and gave it all they have.

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{August 29, 2013}   In Action

In Action.


From my other blog- a small glimpse into my “happy” place, my work and what I live for.

{August 3, 2013}   Back in the Groove???

My newest sketch… what to do with it???

Lady EMT


My newest sketch. I’m considering turning it into a painting, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. In reality it will probably sit in my sketch book, untouched, for quite some time before I pull it out again and do anything with it. Then again, maybe I’m getting back into the groove of being creative??? Wouldn’t that be nice!

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{July 30, 2013}   Let’s Go Crazy


{July 7, 2013}   Jane of All Trades

Certified auto technician, firefighter, EMT and now… a carpenter. I guess I’m fortunate to be able to do so much, but I’m not feeling super grateful today. The heat has gone down to eighty-six degrees and the humidity is only at eighty-two percent so I figured I’d better work on the house while it’s fair weather. I’m still sweating my butt off, though.


Spackle, sand, spackle, sand, etc.

Day three with my long-time nephew:
My parents took my nephew to a Native American Pow-Wow today while I worked on the house. He’s become quite comfortable with us, which I’m glad of. My parents just took him back to his current foster parent’s home. He will stay there through Thursday while I finish working on the house and getting it ready for him to move in on Friday. I have my work cut out for me.

{July 2, 2013}   Uprooted

With my attitude and the way everything has to be “just-so” you’d think I’m an only child. I’m not- I’m the youngest of eight children and the only one remaining at home, residing on the third floor, as far away from the action as possible. I have my own bathroom and my own four rooms: bedroom, office-studio, storage and one under construction. Today the State contacted my parents and asked them to take my nephew in who none of us has seen since he was three… he turned seventeen in January. Guess who’s moving tomorrow? Guess who’s losing a room tomorrow?
So today has been very busy. I’ve been working my arse off to get that one room done because it’s the biggest room and I want that room to be my bedroom.
I’m not going to lie, suddenly having a seventeen year old boy move into my home, my space, has thrown me for a loop. I understand that he needs placement and we are his family but… why can’t he have one of my parents rooms on the first or second floor??? Yes, this is the part where I act like a selfish, spoiled, only-child.
Shit just got real.

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