{June 12, 2013}   All You Need Is Love!

All You Need Is Love!

Even though gay marriage was ‘legalized’ in my State in 2010, I won’t be happy until everyone is free to marry whomever they like.

I should be on the road headed for Boston in ten minutes, however my friend is running at least an hour late. That means we’re going to get caught up in rush hour traffic going into Boston.
I’m impatient. I wanted to leave last night!!!!!

Thankfully my physical therapist squeezed me in for this morning so I won’t be so sore for my road trip.


Let the good times roll Bean Town!!!

{June 5, 2013}   Impulse Buying

I’ve developed a new sickness: impulse buying. The worst part about it is I’ll buy something, like a shirt, that is $25 and super-feminine. Something I’ll never wear, I just like the colors. My brain must talk some sense into me while I’m sleeping because I’ll wake up the next day and think what the hell was I thinking??? Poor judgement hit again on Monday. I spent just over $40 on two very, very feminine tank tops and today I’m headed back to TJ MAXX to return them.
I do, however, need another pair of men’s cargo shorts… let’s see if I can keep it under $20!

Thanks to late-night commercials my MP3 player is getting full. I heard this on a Trojan commercial the other night and fell in love with it. I’m a HUGE Elvis Presley fan and I usually feel sick to my stomach when someone tries to cover one of his songs, but this was so creative and… I just love it!

{May 27, 2013}   My Friends Live in my TV

I’ve never been a big television viewer. However, I’ve gotten into a few. Thank God for DVR and on-demand. I remember the days when you had to plan your life around General Hospital’s schedule. Here are my favorite, must watch shows:

The reason I love this show is rather obvious...

The reason I love this show is rather obvious…

I’m a little bit saddened by the season finale this week. The show won’t be back until the fall 😦

Also obvious why I love this show...

Also obvious why I love this show…

I know that the show is over, but I still watch the episodes over and over again. I found a rumor online that they’re making a movie for The L Word. I wonder if it’s true? I hope so!

Medical drama's, some of the best TV ever.

Medical drama’s, some of the best TV ever.

Another show that has stressed me out because the season finale just aired last week.

More medical drama.

More medical drama.

It’s not just a medical drama like ER. It carries lessons and gives a peek into the political aspect of being a hospital doctor.

Women in uniform... kicking ass... need I say more?

Women in uniform… kicking ass… need I say more?

Police Women of Dallas, Cincinnati, Memphis, Orange County… you name it I love it.

I love cop shows. If I weren't a firefighter/EMT I'd be a police officer.

I love cop shows. If I weren’t a firefighter/EMT I’d be a police officer.

Like the original Cops, only faster chases, crazier drugs and better video quality. And who doesn’t love Inner Circle’s Bad Boys?

Chelsea Handler is both my idol and my fantasy. An outspoken, down-to-earth woman. I never miss an episode of Chelsea Lately!

Chelsea Handler is both my idol and my fantasy. An outspoken, down-to-earth woman. I never miss an episode of Chelsea Lately!

I actually had a dream the night before last that I flew out to California to stay at Chelsea Handler’s house. It was a totally innocent dream. There were several people out on a deck and we were seated at a big table having a nice cookout. It was a good dream. My dreams usually revolve around my job and are more like nightmares about bad car accidents and seriously psychotic people going off the handle.

My friends live in my TV. Sadly, the drama in these shows sometimes becomes very real and I find myself worrying about the characters while I’m dealing with reality. Don’t worry, though, ’cause I’m not crazy I’m just not-OK-in-the-head!








{May 20, 2013}   Summer is Here!

Summer is Here!

Stepping out my front door, the scent of Lilacs fills the air. What a gorgeous time of year!

{May 17, 2013}   volunteer.jpg

{May 6, 2013}   I’m Not a Lady


I found this on Facebook and fell in love with it. It especially hits home for me since I am the only female on my department.
“I love me job. I am strong. I am woman. I am EMS.”

Then I’ll wear the rainbow! I finally got something to wear to my brother’s wedding on June first. They wouldn’t let me wear a suit so I found the perfect dress:


It’s full length to the floor and it’s a halter top. Now for shoes… I hate open toe shoes and I suck at matching things to make an outfit. Wish me luck!

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