Coyotes, Fisher Cats and (yes) Beavers. Which is why this crazy cat lady in-practice only allows her kitty outside on a harness and leash. She’s grown quite accustomed to it. For the almost four years she’s owned me she’s been an indoor cat only, and the previous three years she was a shelter cat. This Summer, Babe has shown interest in going outside and she’s even escaped a few times, so I bought her a soft, mesh harness and we’ve been going for little adventures, morning, day and night. However, this evening the rain is pounding down and she’s quite unhappy with me for not taking her out. She’s spent the last couple of hours “hiding” from me, no doubt publishing me for being so cruel. She’s never far from my side, so this is her version of hiding:


Babe hiding, in plain view, right next to my chair.

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