Meet Sarge, my seven year old Husky/German Shepherd. Sarge weighs 110 pounds. He’s a big dog.

This morning Babe brought another mouse to my bedside and woke me up. I didn’t freak out this time. I went downstairs to get my coffee and Sarge was standing to my left, Babe to my right (mouse in mouth). Babe let the mouse go and it went straight for Sarge, running up the poor dog’s front leg. Sarge freaked out, ran through the house and up the stairs with all he had. Apparently my dog is not only afraid of thunder, my brother, small dogs, church bells and snow falling off of the roof, but he’s scared to death of mice, too! What a big, protective dog I’ve got!

I have no idea where the mouse went. Babe and I have not found it yet. This worries me slightly because the mouse she caught yesterday morning was a fat little brown field mouse and the one she had this morning was a skinny little grey one.

Let’s hope that morning won’t bring another tortured mouse with it.

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