{September 3, 2013}   ~*Take My Time*~

Take My Time

{August 11, 2013}   ~*Love’s End*~
Another poem I just penned.

Another poem I just penned.

{August 6, 2013}   ~*Love Letter*~

Love Letter

{July 30, 2013}   ~*New Beginnings*~ (Revised)
Summer Storm

A photo I captured immediately after a violent storm tore through.

{July 1, 2013}   *~You Make Me Stupid~*

You Make Me Stupid


I did a new painting. Nothing special. I still have to trim the edges. It’s a start, though. I haven’t painted anything other than walls since before Halloween last year. Not gonna lie- it feels good to create something from nothing again. I usually paint just female gay pride stuff, but I may branch out and include the guys next time, too. We’ll see.
Once I get my room finished I want to frame all of my paintings and hang them on one wall, museum-style. Once again, we’ll see. It’ll be awhile yet before my room gets finished.

{February 8, 2013}   One Year

Female FFWordPress informed me that today marks my one year anniversary blogging. Wow time goes by fast! A lot has happened and to mark this milestone I’d really like to add up the important things. Maybe tomorrow, though, for we are under a State of Emergency (thank you, Nemo!) and it’s required that we all be at the station for at least the next twenty-four hours beginning at six o’clock tonight. It’s going to make for a very long night/day. We have little fold-up cots to sleep on and my back is not looking forward to it. At least, being the only female, I get to make the office into my own little temporary bedroom while the guys bunk in the conference room (maybe I won’t hear their snoring, haha). This will be my first all-hands mandatory over-night stay. I’ve stayed one time before, for Hurricane Sandy, but it was just two of us. I imagine it will be sort of like a dorm. One of my Lieutenants has all of the meals planned, dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow, lunch tomorrow and all kinds of snacks in between. I’m nervous and maybe a little uncomfortable, but I trust these guys with my life (I have to, and I know they trust me with theirs) so it’ll be okay. Maybe even a little bit fun. Aside from the stack of reports I’ve been neglecting for almost two weeks now.

I think I’m well prepared. Aside from the clothing necessities I have my MP3 player. headphones and Kindle to kill boredom. Oh, and my Emergency Medical Services Monopoly game! 😀

Stay safe everyone! Especially those of you on the East coast!

{January 5, 2013}   ~*The Burning*~

It’s been a while since I’ve written any ‘poetry’. You know it’s from the heart when it strikes you from out of nowhere.

Heart In Hands

Surrounded by flames,

yellow-orange, dancing

shadows all around.

Sweet fragrances teasing

my senses, pulling

me into fantasies

of security, warmth,

contentment. For this

short stretch of

time, for this

one hour, for

a few moments,

I am free.

I am whole.

I am part

of every sight,

smell, sound and

taste. I am

light as the

air I float


The end of

time comes, I

huff and I

puff, I blow

the flames out.

I drop violently

back to reality,

the acrid odor

of a wick

burnt out the

only reminder of

the happiness I

must leave behind.

I revisit my

safe place time

and time again.

To feel the

freedom, to feel

nothing, to feel

all emotions blended

at once. One

day I will

dance as the

flickering flames do.

I will feel

the heat of

the burning.

{October 10, 2012}   *~Autumn~*

Cigarette smoke rises
into the air,
my coffee has
grown cold. I’ve
been sitting on
this stone wall
for too long,
but for not
time at all.
The autumn leaves
fall all around
me, burying my
shoes and whispering
in the cold
air. Their rustling
tells me that
soon snow will
be falling and
all the branches
will be bare.
It seems a
death of sorts,
some kind of
sentence, a punishment.
You’ve enjoyed the
sun playing on
your fine hair
and your tanned
shoulders, for every
joy there must
be a penalty.

I begin to
walk, kicking leaves
as I carve
myself a path.
Pumpkins are sitting
on doorsteps and
window ledges, carved
into faces, animals
and words. Soon
children will be
donning costumes and
going door-to-
door, saying those
magic words that
will get them
treats. Parents and
Grandparents will ooh
and ahh, complimenting
each other’s cute
offspring. Halloween.
I shiver at
the thought of
a clown showing
up at my door.
I make a
right and head
down my street.
The evening is
desolate, except for
my thoughts and
me. A small
flame from a
match lights me
another cigarette and
this time the
smoke mixes with
that of chimneys.
I exhale a
plume and it
blends with the
steam of my
breath. A light
rain begins to
fall, sprinkling the
colorful leaves with
a layer of

As I
enter my house
I am greeted
by the warmth
from the woodstove,
the smell of
Apple-Cinnamon potpourri.
I switch off
the lights, wrap
a blanket around
myself and settle
in front of
the fire, watching
the flames as
they dance for
me, casting an
amber glow on
the walls, the
crackling a lullaby
for me to

{May 2, 2012}   More Painting…

Here are some more paintings I have done:
























et cetera