{March 31, 2012}   *~We’re All the Same~*

Let’s take a walk, just the two of us, and have a nice talk
We come from different places, different backgrounds, different races
Let’s chat about all we hold materialistically, our jobs, our money
Let’s talk about the towns we grew up in, a thousand miles apart, so different
People are looking at us together, without a doubt, we make a funny picture
You’re wearing a fancy dress, looking beautiful, while I look like a mess
But if we talk like best friends, share our feelings, we’re not so different in the end
We have similar insecurities, share the same views, face similar difficulties
Reach deep down, you’ll see we’re from the same cloth, we share common ground
We want for the same things, happiness and love, we’re one in the same
Now we’ll go our separate ways, resume our lives, but we’ll never be the same
For we have cast away judgment and now know that we’re no different
When it comes down to it, we’re all the same, with just a slight twist.

et cetera