{February 28, 2013}   Asian Food is not for the Weak

Dear Chinese Food,
I love you, I hate you. You taste so good and your Soy Sauce could bring me to my knees. But you leave me with a headache worse than cheap Vodka.

I’ve always had a slight allergy to MSG, which we all know is most famous in Chinese food. It would leave me with a slight headache and a little bit of dizziness but it was worth it. That is not the case anymore. I had some Chinese takeout last night and less than an hour later it was like I got hit with the flu bug. I got a throbbing headache, I was so dizzy I couldn’t stay up right without feeling nauseous and I broke out in cold sweats. Today I still have a headache, though it’s not as bad as it was last night. I tossed and turned all night in misery. I’ve come to a conclusion: Chinese food is not worth it anymore. Good riddance you yummy, evil food.
I have my weekly fire/rescue meeting this evening and I’m hoping my EMS coordinator or Assistant Chief will have some news on how my patient (car collision victim) made out. We called for a bird to fly him to the city hospital but they weren’t flying in the snow storm. I hope our local hospital was able to stabilize him until he could be transferred. Unfortunately we don’t have a hospital within 100 miles that has the capability to handle head injuries.
My shopping plans for tomorrow have been canceled. My friend has to cover for her manager at work. I’m really not that disappointed. While I was excited about it and looking forward to it, my back has been bothering me a lot and I’m not really up for such a long drive. Not to mention she wanted to go to the bar that’s two hours away again and I really don’t feel like being out until 3am again. I think I might just go to my Aunt’s house and have a game night instead. Keep it low key. That’s more my style- calm and laid back.
But for today I’m doing nothing 🙂  Maybe later this afternoon I will hang up my punching bag. God knows I need the exercise. My calm and laid back personality curses my physical shape. I could definitely afford to lose 20 lbs. Or more. But now I’m getting way ahead of myself.

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