{August 29, 2013}   In Action

In Action.


From my other blog- a small glimpse into my “happy” place, my work and what I live for.

{August 2, 2013}   I Still See Myself as a Girl


I don’t think I’ll ever grow up.

{July 30, 2013}   Thank You

Thank You

Being an EMT/firefighter myself I know that we don’t hear this nearly enough. Most people have no idea about the things we see and the challenges we face. But we do it because there’s nothing else we would rather do. Thankless job or not, we eat, sleep and breathe to help people.


{July 26, 2013}   I Work for a Higher Power

And I don’t mean someone with a fancy job title who makes more money than I do.

Here’s how my day has gone, so far:
04:00am- small fire in a machine shop. Piece of cake.

04:40am- 62 year old male, heart attack. With some Aspirin and some Nitroglycerin we were able to stop it, temporarily, and get him to the hospital.

10:30am- 84 year old female with severe stomach pain and possibly bloody stools. Package and transport.

13:00pm- 76 year old male fell, definite broken hip/pelvis. We gave him pain meds before we moved him and transported him.

18:00pm- requested by State Police to respond and check on a 43 year old male who had been assaulted. Upon arrival we fund out that his 20 year old son used his face for a punching bag, and he was positive he didn’t have any facial fractures because he’d fractured almost every bone in his face when he was younger and a ‚Äúbrawler”. We did not transport him. Good thing because any technician sitting in the back of the ambulance with him would have gotten drunk off his breath.

Five calls in one day is a lot for my department. Sometimes we can go a week without a single call. I’m a volunteer firefighter/EMT. That’s why I say I work for a Higher Power. I do it because it’s a calling to help people, not for the puny paycheck. Even if I didn’t get paid a penny for going on these calls I would still do it. I’ve never done anything more rewarding than holding an elderly patients hand while he writhed in pain, or holding a Mother while she cries because her daughter just completed suicide. You can’t put an hourly rate on this job. It has to be in your heart. And you have to have a strong heart to do the job without becoming damaged yourself.

Globe boots

The culprit.

Fight FireSo why am I a firefighter, you may ask? I don’t know, I kind of got dragged into the whole Fire Fighting/EMS thing by my brother, but I’ve stayed because I LOVE it. Now you’d think I’ve been doing it long enough that I’d know some of the basics, like what is and isn’t comfortable attire when you have to wear a bunch of fire-resistant clothing for long periods of time. Well, not really. For instance, tonight I wore ankle socks. Big no-no. I now have a giant blister on both of my heels from my turn-out boots. And I’m a big baby when it comes to sores like that. Seriously, I’d rather have a gaping cut and have to get stitches than suffer through a blister.

Now to google ways to ease the fiery pain of blisters!



{June 20, 2013}   Faith

Today has been a test for me. My doctor diagnosed me with A.D.D. and then I went off to work. Right off the bat we had two calls: a medical alarm activation, which turned out to be a fluke since there was no one home and as we cleared that call dispatch sent us to another. Echo-level cardiac arrest, hanging victim. She was a mere twenty-two years old. Her mother was, understandably, very upset. That call left me feeling empty and grateful at the same time.

It’ll be a little while, a week or two, before I will get the gruesome, heartbreaking image out of my head. What I’ve come to fully understand is this: there are some things that we will never be able to understand. That’s where Faith plays a roll.

poollightningIt was a hot, humid ninety-six degrees out today so I spent a couple of hours in my pool. All of a sudden the sky turned black, so I hopped out of the pool and on my way into the house I heard the first rumble of thunder. I quickly got dried off and dressed in anticipation of fire alarms being set off by lightning. I no sooner pulled my shirt on and my pager sounded for a tree down on wires and on fire. I raced to the station, hopped in an engine and went to the scene. As I was backing the engine into the station my pager sounded again for a transformer on fire, so we took off again. We went straight from that call to another tree on fire on power lines blocking the road. We quickly cleared that scene to respond to another transformer on fire. I worked four calls in an hour and a half. Once I finished my reports I returned home for some dinner and my pager again reminded me that I live to serve others and my needs come last. A fifteen year old girl attempted suicide by overdosing on her antidepressants. She told me she was done getting picked on and she just doesn’t see any point in “sticking around”. I really felt for the girl.

It’s been a crazy day and I’m feeling it. My back and shoulder are broken. My physical therapist is going to kill me because I agreed to do “light duty” for two weeks if she wouldn’t write a note to my Chief telling him to take me off duty for two weeks. I offer up my wrong-doings but she knows the moment she touches me.

Valium and Seroquel are in store for me this evening. I do want to make one thing clear: I’m not complaining about my job- there’s nothing I’d rather do!!! I will risk it all if it means helping even one person.

{May 6, 2013}   It Gets Me High


{April 12, 2013}   You Win Some, You Lose Some

There has been one hell of a war going on within the Fire Department between the Chief (C1) and the Assistant Chief (C2). It was kind of like Twilight, except there was Team C1 and Team C2. Well, we no longer have an Assistant Chief, he was terminated because he thought it was acceptable to physically threaten the Fire Department members who weren’t rallying with him. It has been a stressful week and to top it off the former C2 has been dragging my name through the mud on public television and in the local newspaper. I now have enemies whom I’ve never met, let alone heard of their names.

The war rages on and I’ve been thrown on the front lines. All I want is to do my job- help people. For now I’m going to stick it out and keep a low profile but the chances are good that I will have to quit my beloved job. Fortunately I have many people backing me up.

Politics suck.

Yesterday I accidentally sliced the back of my forearm open. It didn’t hurt… until I grabbed the closest paper towel to stop the bleeding with. It was a used paper towel that was quite wet with Windex. Boy did that wake me up. To top it off, this EMS professional only has little, tiny band aids at home. It took seven of them to cover the wound. Thankfully, I’m better at this stuff when it’s someone else gushing blood!

I leave in ten minutes for my first Commissioner’s Meeting. I’m nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. AND my Mother will be there.

I had physical therapy for the first time in a month today. I’m sore. And I’m getting fitted for new bunker gear tonight, too.

Wish me luck!!!

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