So I finally junked my old clunker of a truck. I got a whopping $250 for it. It was sad to watch it go on the flatbed truck but it was time. When I cleaned it out I found a bunch of loose coins in the center console: pennies: 0.84, nickels: $1.30, dimes: $4.50 and quarters: $23.00 for a total of $29.64. Now I’m beginning to understand why my gas mileage was so terrible!

Now that my beloved truck is long gone I’m looking at new possibilities for a vehicle. Originally I had my heart set on a crossover, like a Chevy Equinox or a Ford Edge. But as I shopped around I started to really like the Chevy Avalanche’s. The comfort and space of an SUV with a truck bed… yeah! But I promised myself, as well as my mechanic, that I will not buy vehicles on impulse anymore, or strictly because I like the way they look (hehe). So I’m going to take my time and check out my options. I’m going to try to hold out until the end of January before buying anything. Let’s see how well that goes!

It’s snowing again (surprise!) and we’ve had vehicles off the roads everywhere. I just got back from an MVA, but I stayed at the station and did my reports while the guys got cold and wet.

This is dead-on for me. No explanation needed, for it's right there.















All too often we are consumed by the negativity around us and focus on our pain. If we could just remember that it will get better, because it always has a way of looking up.


















We're not perfect, but by being ourselves and staying true to who we are is as close to perfect that anyone can get.













I'm really feeling the quotes and sayings about change lately. I'm about to make a huge change myself and I'm praying I don't mess it up.
















In my mission to change, I'm trying to be a better person and give back to the community.


Once I'm able to get myself straightened out, I hope to find this person to share my life with. "All good things come to those who wait".
















Images and quotes borrowed from: A Beautiful Mess Inside ‘s Facebook. Look her up.




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