{August 29, 2013}   Addictions


{February 3, 2013}   Cigarettes and an Old Dirt Road

I drove around on all of the side roads in my neighborhood tonight. They all bring you right back to where you start. So if you ever wanted to leave this little dirt-road town, the roads would inevitably lead you right back. If you ever did make it out, the charm this town possesses would pull your heart strings until you gave in and came back. No one ever leaves this place. Everyone wants to raise their children here and everyone wants to die here. That’s why everyone is related to everyone else. Sigh.

After doing so much walking around the mall shopping yesterday the bursitis in my hip is acting up and making things a little difficult for me. Even sitting in the car driving around got stiffening and a little painful. So before I go to bed I’ll leave you with today’s song (there’s two because I just drove around listening to my MP3 player for two hours):

And an oldie but really goodie (it’s not the lyrics that make a song good, it’s the people and feelings connected to it):

et cetera