{December 5, 2013}   Quick, Happy Post

I’m feeling pretty awesome right now… I’m spending my first night in my new place tonight 🙂  It’s just me and Babe, oh how peaceful! Earlier I put my Christmas Tree up and wrapped some gifts. I have a lot more stuff to move in but it’s feeling pretty homey 🙂

This is exactly what my face looks like right now. No kidding.

This is exactly what my face looks like right now. No kidding.

I feel so good! A weekend (or five days) away has done me a world of good. Physical pain aside, I haven’t felt this good in a really, really, really long time. I’m already planning on returning next month.

Ahhh, to be FREE! I’ve been day dreaming about what it would be like to move there. Obviously it would be different than vacationing there. I couldn’t get drunk and party every night like we did this past weekend. It’s too expensive. But down there no one cares that I’m gay. No one cares that I’m a female but wear men’s clothes. Everyone loves everyone else, just the way they are. It’s really kind of sad when I think about it: I can’t get that from my own family.

For now I’m going to hold onto this good feeling that still remains from my little mini-vaca.

At least I’ve had some time to rest. There hasn’t been a single medical or fire call since I’ve been home. That’s a very good thing because I’m not sure my body could handle that right now. I might even take my Valium and turn my pager off tonight, for just one more night.

{February 16, 2013}   Day #2 in the Middle of Nowhere

This is day #2 of house sitting.  I’m quite content and so is this little guy.


Meet Stubby. Curled up asleep in my lap.

et cetera