{February 2, 2014}   Not in my Bed


Good God… I’m never getting laid again. Not in my lair anyway. My bed has clearly been taken over by much hair-ier creatures. I too must sleep curled up in a tiny ball to keep from being pushed onto the floor.
This must be what it’s like to have children.

Don’t go getting all offended by the above content. I’m just saying what we’ve all thought at one time or another.

{January 29, 2014}   He Owns Me

I wonder what would happen if my pager went off right now??? Haha.

Harley’s second day home and he owns me. Or at least he thinks he does. I’ve found him to be very possessive of me, he doesn’t want anyone coming near me and it’s all I can do to hold him back so someone can enter my house. I got me a real guard dog!
He slept in my bed with me last night and I learned that he is a big bed hog. He pushes me to the edge of the bed, lays across the bed and partially on top of me. He’s such a sweet boy. All he wants is to be with me or on me at all times.
Yep, he definitely owns me!

{January 27, 2014}   Welcome Home Harley!


This is Harley. I rescued him from a shelter this morning. He’s such a sweet, loving dog… unless he’s never met you before. He’s a Boxer/Greyhound. In his former home poor Harley was abused and neglected, he’s still very underweight. He does not like men or loud people. I think we’re a match made in Heaven 🙂
I’m looking forward to our life together from today forward. There’s nothing as rewarding as rescuing an animal 🙂

{May 21, 2013}   Lazy, Hazy Summer Days


Little man and myself are both ready and looking forward to the sun-shining days of summer. The different types of flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, strawberry daquiris and kayaking. Bring it on!

{April 27, 2013}   I’m a Cat Person

I’m not really a dog lover… but if it’s a cranky dog by nature I usually get along with them pretty well. One such dog owns my Auntie. He’s a Shitzu-Terrier-YourGuessIsAsGoodAsMine. He’s a mutt and his name is Jake. He’s about fourteen years old now and he’s a grumpy old dog, he doesn’t like anyone very much. BUT! I can do just about anything to this little guy and he loves me. I guess maybe we understand each other, you know- one grumpy being to another. Tonight Jake was a rock star:


Jake and I.


German Shepherds are well known for “holding hands”- giving you their paw to hold while you pet them. My Shepherd, Sargent, does this every time you give him any attention. Tonight his aim was a little off and he got my throat with his nails. I never realized just how tender the skin of my neck is. Tears instantly sprang into my eyes and beads of blood surfaced on my neck.

My thoughts: damn, I really need to get his nails trimmed and… this is going to look bad for work (and anywhere else I go).


Sarge enjoying a relaxing evening

It’s my Mother’s Birthday! We’re sitting around the living room drinking wine, martinis and White Russians, singing karaoke. Okay… I’M not singing, but we’re all having a good time.
Sarge included!



Meet Sarge, my seven year old Husky/German Shepherd. Sarge weighs 110 pounds. He’s a big dog.

This morning Babe brought another mouse to my bedside and woke me up. I didn’t freak out this time. I went downstairs to get my coffee and Sarge was standing to my left, Babe to my right (mouse in mouth). Babe let the mouse go and it went straight for Sarge, running up the poor dog’s front leg. Sarge freaked out, ran through the house and up the stairs with all he had. Apparently my dog is not only afraid of thunder, my brother, small dogs, church bells and snow falling off of the roof, but he’s scared to death of mice, too! What a big, protective dog I’ve got!

I have no idea where the mouse went. Babe and I have not found it yet. This worries me slightly because the mouse she caught yesterday morning was a fat little brown field mouse and the one she had this morning was a skinny little grey one.

Let’s hope that morning won’t bring another tortured mouse with it.

{March 9, 2013}   Unconditional Love

What’s better than unconditional love? Nothing. Who’s love for you will never waver? When you’re having a bad day or are absolutely miserable? Your pet. Mine happens to be Babe, my cat. She loves me no matter what. She loves me so much, she’ll sit through hours of an L Word marathon. That’s love.



{January 21, 2013}   Today, It’s Okay

With my sister safely in our Emergency Room until a bed opens up at the State Hospital for her, I can now concentrate on my happiness about going to get my new car today. 🙂 The only difficult part is convincing my niece to go because I have her until my sister is better. My niece hates to ride in a car and would be much happier to stay here alone but she’s only six years old. She’s always telling me, “I’ll stay here and Sarge (my dog) can watch me”. Haha. I trust Sarge 100% because he’s a 128 pound, loyal German Shepard, it’s her I don’t trust!

So I’m leaving here in about an hour and I’m literally trembling from excitement! Honestly I’m almost in denial, like it’s a dream and not real. I’ve always driven trucks and SUVs, for one thing, so a car is kind of foreign to me (technically it’s a crossover), and they’ve always been cheap buys (aka pieces of shit that will last me from one inspection to another, barely). This car is nice. Really nice.

With my excitement I had a very hard time falling asleep last night and I kept turning my pillow for the cool side. That sent my mind on a rant, one I’ll call The Simple Things. The simple things that mean so much: The cool side of the pillow, whether it’s eighty degrees or sixty degrees in my room, I want the cool side of the pillow! A drinking glass, I can’t stand to drink from plastic! Every time I see my Auntie I get two bear hugs (at the least), one when I arrive and one when I leave. A TV in my room where I can watch my favorite shows, like NY-ER and The L Word, without being harassed about how “gross” they are. My animals for their unconditional love, when I’m happy, sad, angry or indifferent, they’re always there and they’re always happy to see me and be with me.

I tried to think of something ‘simple’ that had to do with my job at Fire/Rescue but I couldn’t. Because nothing is ever simple when I’m working. But that’s how I like it to be at that one place.

et cetera