{April 27, 2013}   I’m a Cat Person

I’m not really a dog lover… but if it’s a cranky dog by nature I usually get along with them pretty well. One such dog owns my Auntie. He’s a Shitzu-Terrier-YourGuessIsAsGoodAsMine. He’s a mutt and his name is Jake. He’s about fourteen years old now and he’s a grumpy old dog, he doesn’t like anyone very much. BUT! I can do just about anything to this little guy and he loves me. I guess maybe we understand each other, you know- one grumpy being to another. Tonight Jake was a rock star:


Jake and I.

{June 22, 2012}   6/21/12

Another hot one! It reached ninety-eight degrees here today.

I decided against getting all new gear (firefighter clothing) and decided instead for all new electronics. New pager, engraved, new radio, engraved and the cool accessories like cases for them. I also finally got my name panel for my jacket, so now my brother and I match. I also got a new helmet 🙂

I’m not a big fan of water, but yesterday the heat got to me. I ended up going to my parents house and hopping in their pool. The water was eighty degrees, but it still felt cool. Poor Sarge, he just wants to hop in so he can be with us. He gets up on his back legs and stands against the edge of the pool watching us. He’s got character.

Unfortunately, I have had to give up my Thursday nights at the bar that I love so much. Someone whom I no longer get along with has begun going every Thursday night now and I know myself well enough that I know I would lose my temper and be a complete bitch. She definitely deserves my wrath, especially her ‘husband’, but since I’m with the Fire and Rescue, I have a reputation to uphold. Believe it or not, though, my superiors at the department encourage us to go out and have a good time, not let the department get in the way of what we want to do, because it is a volunteer position. For the time being.  😉    I am trying to keep myself out of trouble and exhibit some self-control, but I had the biggest urge to go to that bar last night, reclaim my turf and my friends and be the biggest bitch I could possibly be.

Maybe next week…

{June 19, 2012}   6/18/12


Day number two of the “new”, GIANT German Shepard, Sargent.

Sargent, most commonly referred to as “Sarge”, has taken to my Mother, my Father and myself quite well. He whines and cries and carries on if any one of us leaves his sight. I’m not a fan of dogs, but Sarge has grown on me (already, keep in mind, this is only day two). Unfortunate for my parents, I don’t live with them, so when I go home Sarge remains a complete wreck until I return, usually bearing gifts such as dog biscuits or rawhide.

My reasons for not being particularly fond of dogs:

  • They shed, but unlike cats, they leave hairballs the size of month-old puppies- in your shoes, your bed, your call, on all of your furniture and of course, on every floor in every room. (Sarge puts Chow Chows to shame with his hairballs.)
  • They think that everything you do is interesting or involves them, so they become an extension of your derriere (Sarge IS your derriere).
  • Dogs like to poop where you’re sure to find it. It’s like their version of a prank. They do it in the house, on your sidewalk, at the driver’s side door of your car or in the middle of your perfectly manicured lawn. I don’t know Sarge poops, or even if he does, because he goes out, around the corner of the house, disappears for a few minutes and then returns. Always acting marginally happier.

I’m definitely a cat person. In fact, I have every intention of being the old, single, seemingly lonely, cat lady who surrounds herself with one hundred fourteen cats while barricaded in an old, dilapidated house. The neighborhood kids will look at the chipping paint and shudders hanging on by one screw and call me the old witch. This appeals to me very much the more I think about it. I’m not fond of kids, either.

For now, however, I will continue with my immediate plans of moving back in with my parents with my (one) cat and my meager belongings in two weeks so I can go back to school to get my EMT certificate.

Of course, now I’ll have to be armed with a lint roller at all times because Sarge keeps leaving large amounts of evidence of his existence on my uniform. Surprisingly, there are a lot of ninety-five year old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” victims who are less-than-impressed when you show up to help them wearing a uniform  that is seemingly made from dog hair. People are so finicky these days!


BUT… my Mother just texted me and I have to go dog-sit for them while they’re gone for the day. I really don’t mind because it will be just the dog and myself… and a nice hot bath! 😀  My body needs a hot bath, it hurts so bad. It’s actually quite perfect: I get their giant house all to myself, I don’t have to answer the phone or the door, big screen TV, WiFi… It should be nice.

Who am I kidding? I’d rather stay in bed all day, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

{February 18, 2012}   Hanging In There

I’m at my friends house dog-sitting. So far, I’m hanging in there. Of course, she and her husband are working twelve hour shifts today and tomorrow so it’s just me, the dog and the cat. The dog and I walked around the block bright and early this morning, after he kept me awake all night with his flopping around the bed. Haha. The walk went well, we only saw one other person and two other dogs. I actually feel pretty good about it and am thinking of walking him around the block a few times today rather than just taking him outside to do his thing. It’s funny- this dog is smaller than my cat, Babe. But that’s perfect, considering the recent procedure on my neck, back and shoulder.

I’ve only had to take two of my anxiety pills between yesterday and now. Hopefully I can keep this up!

{February 17, 2012}   Treading Outside Of My Comfort Zone

Today I feel as though someone took a Louisville Slugger to my back and ribs. And physical therapy did not feel good!

I’m taking a big step out of my comfort zone this weekend. I’m going to stay at a friends house for the entire weekend to help dog-sit. Hopefully I will be able to relax enough to enjoy a different environment and a little time with my friend and her husband. However… taking care of the dog all day means I will have to walk him outside so he can do his duties. I can do this, right? I have to do this, she does so much for me. At least they have wireless internet, right?

Wish me luck!

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