{September 3, 2013}   What Women Have Gone Through

A few things I’ve wondered about and finally found the energy and attention span to research:


The first Push-Up Bra. Thank God for Victoria's Secret!

The first Push-Up Bra. Thank God for Victoria’s Secret!


The first modern bra was invented in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle in France. Cup sizes were introduced in 1933 by the S.H. Camp and Company when they correlated the size and pendulousness of women’s breast to letters of the alphabet, A through D.


Imagine having to wear this for one week every month?!

Imagine having to wear this for one week every month?!

That time of month? Run to the store on the corner and grab a box of tampons, panty liners or pads. Before the late 1920’s this wouldn’t have been possible because Tampons hadn’t yet been patented for mass production. In fact the Ancient Egyptians had made Tampons out of softened Papyrus. In Greece tampons were rigged out of lint wrapped around small pieces of wood. In Rome they used wool to make both pads and tampons. Less wealthy women used paper, animal skins, moss and grass. It wasn’t until 1896 that the first commercial sanitary napkins were available from Lister’s Towels. The first commercial Tampon was commercialized in 1931 by a Doctor Earl Haas. And finally, in 1969 StayFree introduced Minipads, the first sanitary napkin with adhesive so it would stick to panties without having to use belts, clips and safety pins. What a relief!



BCFrom 1930-1960 Lysol Disinfectant was used by many women as a contraceptive (at the same time it was being advertised as a bathroom and kitchen cleaner!), though it didn’t actually prevent pregnancy. The first birth control pill was approved by the FDA in 1960. Unfortunately, though it was effective for preventing pregnancy, many women suffered the severe side effects such as heart attacks and blood clots… because the dosage was actually ten times higher than it needed to be. It wasn’t until 1988 that a new, safer pill was approved by the FDA.


{June 15, 2013}   Weird Facts About Me

Here are some things a lot of people don’t know about me (and probably don’t care to):

1.) Elvis Presley is my all-time favorite music artist. EVER.

2.) I play the violin and piano (I’m a little dorky sometimes).

3.) I’ve seen the following in concert: The Charlie Daniels Band, Jo Dee Messina, Terri Clark (twice), Big ‘N’ Rich, Luke Bryan and Saving Abel.

4.) I still sleep with the receiving blanket that I came home from the hospital in twenty-four years ago. I call it my “blanky”. Original, I know 😉

5.) I will only drink from glass or a ceramic mug (no cans, plastic, cardboard or Styrofoam).

6.) I listen to country (classic and modern) and rock (classic and modern) but I can rap like nobody’s business!

7.) I’m more masculine than any of my brothers but if I see a spider or a rodent I scream like a little girl and run as if my life depends on it. I actually believe my life does depend on it.

8.) I have to sleep with a nightlight on.

9.) I’ve won a spelling bee and two shooting (rifle) competitions.

10.) I’ve broken the following bones: left radius (wrist) three times, left thumb once, left pinky-knuckle/hand once, fractured my skull, fractured three ribs and chipped my tailbone.

11.) I’ve had stitches in my head twice, my arm once, my hand twice and my leg twice.

et cetera