{November 20, 2012}   Early Morning Fires

My pager went off at about six-forty five this morning. Structure fire in a neighboring town with two occupants entrapped. Okay, now my blood is pounding through my body and I’m flying out the door, half dressed, with the freezing cold temperatures (twenty-seven degrees). When I’m in this mode the temperatures don’t phase me. Neither does the fact that my truck’s windshield and windows are covered in a thick layer of frost. You do what has to be done.

Waking up to this type of severe adrenaline rush results in one thing: total, complete exhaustion when you finally get home. But when you gear up and hop in the trucks and get to a fire and save someone’s life… that’s absolutely priceless. This morning I played very little to no part in the rescue of the victims, but I was there and I got to see it. It’s the most amazing thing to witness. I’m so glad I get to be there and play a part in it, no matter how small my contributions are.

That’s me driving our biggest engine. No problem! 🙂

{October 5, 2012}   Dreams and To-Do Lists

I had an upsetting dream last night. In my dream, my Lieutenant, who’s also my favorite guy at the Fire Department, came to my house in our Engine 1 and told me that he and two other Captains had a discussion about me and agreed that I should turn in my resignation. He said to think about it. I walked a figure-eight pattern in the driveway for a few minutes then told him that I would not resign. He said, “You don’t really have a choice.”

I woke up from that dream and I was genuinely angry and upset. It took me a moment to realize that I had a dream and that it wasn’t real. Why in the world would my subconscious do that to me? It seems like a cruel joke. At the present time I live for that department, being an EMT and Firefighter. If it wasn’t for the department I would have nothing to hold onto.

Of course in just a little over an hour I have to go have a physical which is a requirement for the department. Maybe subconsciously I’m worried that something will be askew and I will “fail” the physical, resulting in me having to give up the fire department. And just last night at our weekly meeting I was given the major responsibility of inspecting the ambulance and all of the on-board equipment on a regular basis! It’s an honor, really. Lives literally depend on that ambulance, all of the supplies we carry on-board and especially our heart monitors and AEDs.

After my physical, the blood-work and immunizations, I have to do some grocery shopping. I’d rather stick my thumb in my eye. I hate grocery shopping. Then I’m supposed to go to the Fire Department, print out the State regulations of what we have to have on the ambulance and take an inventory of our on-board supplies.

What I want to do: snuggle in bed and watch TV or just nap.

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