{October 30, 2012}   Sandy Was Good To Us

Queens, NY. Reported over 80 homes burned flat.

Sandy was pretty good to us here in Northern New England. I was out straight from about five o’clock yesterday afternoon until about ten o’clock this morning chasing fire alarms and cutting trees out of roadways. We lost power two different times, but as far as I know, Sandy didn’t wreak too much havoc in my area. In fact I think Sandy’s biggest accomplishment in this area was managing to keep every first responder, Firefighter and EMT on their toes and sleep deprived. But that’s nothing compared to what she did in New York and New Jersey. The officials in New York are comparing Sandy’s wrath to that of 9/11 (damage-wise). We had an LODD in Connecticut yesterday- praying for God’s speed and his family.

Atlantic City, NJ

Everyone has a long road to haul now that Sandy has come and gone.

As for me personally, I did a damned good job of tying everything down and preparing for Sandy. The only evidence of her being at my house is the flooding and the mess of branches and leaves. We only got about 2.5″ of rain and 52mph wind gusts. It looks like the kids will still get to have their Halloween tomorrow night!

Good riddance, Frankenstorm!

Now I’m off to recuperate and try to get some much-needed sleep! My body is killing me.

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